Speaking to Sparrows

Speaking to Sparrows is a feature length documentary film that explores beauty, brokenness, vulnerability, relationships and healing our identity as women. 

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Step 2: Share the trailer to facebook

Go to the link below to video view the Facebook post for the trailer. Hit the "share" button to share it with your Facebook friends! Add a caption about why you love the trailer or the mission for Speaking to Sparrows.

Step 3: Share the clip

Download the video clip below share it on your Instagram profile. Include a caption that tags @speakingtosparrows and shares how excited you are for the release of this film, or why it is important to you. 

[if you are on your phone and do not have the Google Drive app, you will have to download the clip first to your computer. If you are having trouble with this step, email Alex].

Step 4: Pray for us!