Speaking to Sparrows

Speaking to Sparrows is a feature length documentary film that explores beauty, brokenness, vulnerability, relationships and healing our identity as women. 

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(Travel not included)

What it is

This is a license for a one-time screening of the film with the films creators and founders of Project Light Ministries, Liz Sams and Janine McGann. This is for any screening outside of a private home, and the license agreement is based on your screening date and venue.

Who it's for

Individuals, organizations, churches, schools, youth groups, or campus ministries.   

What you get

  • One-time screening license
  • 1 copy of the film on-loan (DVD, Blu-Ray, or DCP)
  • Pre-screening meet and greet with Liz and Janine at the event
  • Post event Q&A
  • Leader Guide and discussion guide
  • Film images and logo
  • A code for pre-screening the film (48hr code)
  • access to a webinar with the founders of Project Light Ministries
  • 1 full-size movie poster (US only)
  • Customizable printable flyer
  • 50 customizable postcards
  • Press Kit and Press Release
  • Calendar listing on our website (for Public events)

By purchasing, you agree to the following terms from Project Light Ministries and acknowledge that: 1. You are purchasing the license for one screening (or two screenings in one day at the same location). 2. You will receive media on-loan that must be returned by mail after your screening.

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a Speaking to Sparrows screening with the founders of Project Light Ministries . Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly to work on scheduling.

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Primary Contact Phone #
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Desired Date of Screening
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