Speaking to Sparrows

Speaking to Sparrows is a feature length documentary film that explores beauty, brokenness, vulnerability, relationships and healing our identity as women. 

Press Kit

Speaking to Sparrows is a documentary film on the beauty and trials of life as a young woman. It gets to the heart of the issues facing them in today’s world and creates space for the difficult conversations.

Below, you'll find what you need to share about this film. We have not only provided a press release for your use, but also a brief history of the film, which should answer other questions you may have about how this project came to be.

Additionally, there are two letters that you may find helpful depending on your audience. One is from a young woman, Katie, who viewed the film and it sheds light on how Speaking to Sparrows relates to it's primary audience, young women. Jenni, a mother and youth minister writes on how this film can touch women not only in high school and college, but also into adulthood.

If you are covering Speaking to Sparrows on your blog, podcast, radio show (or any other way) and would like to get the word out ahead of time, there are high resolution photos as well as social media resources are for your convenience. They are formatted for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.