Speaking to Sparrows

Speaking to Sparrows is a feature length documentary film that explores beauty, brokenness, vulnerability, relationships and healing our identity as women. 


speaking to sparrows viewing bundle $150

The Speaking to Sparrows Bundle includes a DVD version of the “Speaking to Sparrows” film, three (3) companion journals, and a discussion guide for leaders. The beautifully designed 66-page Companion Journals provide reflections and writing prompts based on Scripture and quotes from the film. The larger Leader Discussion Guide provides resources for unpacking each of the topics in the film for small group or event leaders.

The Leader Discussion Guide includes guidance how to use the “Speaking to Sparrows” film and Companion Journals to open doors for post-film discussion. It covers how to host small group or retreat-like events and shorter 2-3 hour events for teens/young adults, or adults.

Option 2

Film & founders event $1000

Host a Speaking to Sparrows event at the venue of your choice with the film's creators and founders of Project Light Ministries, Liz Sams and Janine McGann. As an organization, church, school, youth group, or campus ministry you can provide an event that includes a meet and greet,  introduction to the film and Q&A after the film. This package will allow for in depth understanding of why this film is important from the creators themselves, and facilitate ongoing community engagement & help you launch an ongoing ministry in your community. 

option 3

Speaking to SPArrows retreat $2000

Host a retreat at a venue of your choice with the creators of the film and founders of Project Light Ministries. The retreat can be for an audience of high school, college, young adult, or adult women. The retreat format can be tailored to provide the healing space for women across all generations. Regardless of age, women struggle with the same issues and will benefit from Speaking to Sparrows whether they are 16 or 60.

Something else in mind?

Is there a scenario that isn’t listed here? If so, please reach out to us and we can figure out the best fit for your needs.