Speaking to Sparrows

Speaking to Sparrows is a feature length documentary film that explores beauty, brokenness, vulnerability, relationships and healing our identity as women. 

"His Eye is on the Sparrow"

Speaking to Sparrows is a documentary film about women finding courage to confront the uncomfortable. The film brings to light the issues facing women in today’s world and creates space for the difficult conversations. It is these conversations that are a light in the darkness, and can lead to sisterhood, belonging and healing.

Our culture is very effective at transmitting the messages that there are prerequisites for happiness and success which include a whole list of unhealthy expectations. Speaking to Sparrows speaks a hopeful message, counter to the one they are hearing from the world. The film serves to invite each woman to see themselves as beloved daughters of God. 

It is incredibly powerful for women to know that they are not alone, and that their worth is determined by much more than the size of their waist or their relationship status. Speaking to Sparrows fearlessly confronts issues such as body image, the pressure to be perfect and successful, dating, isolation, father wounds, abuse, eating disorders, lust and pornography. 

Speaking to Sparrows is a film that can be used as a launchpad for authentic conversation in homes, small groups and schools. Further, the film provides this healing space for women across all generations. Regardless of age, women struggle with the same issues and will benefit from Speaking to Sparrows whether they are 16 or 60.

Releasing in Fall 2017, screenings will be held on college campuses, in high schools and at churches around the country. Alongside the film, screenings will provide resources that facilitate conversation to begin healing the wounds revealed in the film. 

If you, your school, organization, or church would like to share Speaking to Sparrows with the people in your community, please consider hosting a screening.

Want to know more of the story behind Speaking to Sparrows? Read the full history here.


Liz Sams and Janine McGann

Project Light Ministriies

Established in the spring of 2017, Project Light Ministries is the brainchild of two North Carolina youth ministers and mothers, Liz Sams and Janine McGann. After working as a team in ministry for seven years, they decided that they wanted to do more by providing the youth with resources to invoke and encourage authentic conversations about tough issues of the culture today. “Speaking to Sparrows” is their first endeavor.   


BTS STS 3.jpg

4PM Media

4PM Media is a full service production company committed to confronting the uncomfortable, celebrating the ordinary and making approachable the extraordinary. 4PM strives to achieve captivating cinematography by appealing to truth and beauty in everything they produce. After connecting with - what would be -  the Project Light team in 2015 the two groups formed a relationship that would later birth “Speaking to Sparrows.”

Featured Interviews

Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad

Not only a singer, songwriter and musician, Audrey is an author, producer and speaker. Reaching audiences across the country, Audrey speaks on art, womanhood, justice, faith and pornography addiction. Singing from a place of honesty, struggle and hope, Audrey conveys authenticity and beauty to those she encounters.

Mary Bielski

Mary Bielski

Engaging and sincere, Mary offers a refreshingly honest perspective when she speaks to teens and young adults across the country. Through humor and experience, Mary invites the women she encounters to explore the longings of their hearts and challenges them to bring their struggles and hopes to light.

Sr. Miriam James

Sr. Miriam James Heidland

Sister Miriam James, SOLT attended the University of Nevada-Reno on a volleyball scholarship and studied communications. Since then, she has served in missions in Rome, North Dakota, Seattle, and Texas; attained her Masters degree; and spoken to audiences around the world about relationship with God, healing and the dignity and beauty of women.

Ben Walther

Ben Walther

A singer and songwriter, Ben is a worship leader for events and retreats around the US. His first album Make Your Home in Me debuted at #12 on the iTunes Christian and Gospel charts. With two sons and four daughters, Ben is well acquainted with the beauty and challenges faced by young women in our culture.

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Original Music By

Shawn Williams

Shawn Williams

Shawn is a native of Missouri and a composer, producer and violinist. He created the original score for Speaking to Sparrows. He has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in Christian and country music, scored documentaries and films and written advertising jingles. Shawn is the founder, creative director and CEO of Papercastle Records and Sound Cabin.

tom young.jpg

Tom Young

Tom has dedicated his time and talents to music. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is diligently working on producing high quality and honest music. He is a good friend of Liz and Janine. Tom wrote and produced "Hole in My Heart" for Speaking to Sparrows and we are extremely grateful for this beautiful and honest song. 


"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. And even the hairs of your head are all counted."
Matthew 10:29-30